What is Horizons?


Horizons is an alternative program within the Burlington School District and offers students a more personalized approach to learning. Smaller classes, usually between 10 and 15 students, and a relaxed atmosphere, provide a learning environment that is less stressful and more personalized to the needs of the student. Our student body of no more than forty (40) students is racially and ethnically diverse. Students earn high school credits in our academic program, and additional credits for employment and community involvement. All referrals to Horizons are made through your current high school administrators or high school guidance counselors. Referrals are reviewed by the program director, and an intake meeting is then set up with the parent/guardian and the student. The Horizons program is a "choice program" in that it is your choice to be here. By choosing us, you are choosing to follow the program’s core values and school rules. These include, but are not limited to: not engaging in any physical aggression, bullying, harassment, threats, weapons or drugs/alcohol use during school hours.

Vision Statement


By providing a supportive and safe alternative educational community, Horizons students will overcome adversities to gain the courage to flourish academically and socially. They will develop a positive sense of self that leads to a healthy and fulfilled life. Horizons staff will maintain high expectations, recognize the uniqueness of each student, and assist them in connecting to their community in a thoughtful and honorable manner.

Core Values


Respect, Responsibility,Trust and Effort- the core values of the Horizons Program. Respect is tolerance, understanding and compassion for others. Disrespect and intolerance towards anyone, whether intentional or otherwise, is simply not tolerated. Personal responsibility is a necessity at Horizons. Students are expected to apply themselves and do the work required to graduate in a reasonable amount of time. We must be able to trust our students. Horizons has a very small and busy staff who simply do not have the time or the resources to deal with students who are not acting in a way that is in the best interest of themselves, their peers, and the school. Effort is putting forth your all and being focused while resisting distractions.